About Us

Believing that the Christian Apparel market was too mainstream & non-original; founder & co-owner: Justin T. Pierce decided to take it upon himself to create designs that fit his personality & meet his Christian Clothing desires.  With shirt designs titled: Holy Ship!, Jesus is a Badass, LIT, Turnt, and many more unique designs weaving Jesus & other Biblical characters/themes in with popular culture & art such as Star Wars & The Game of Thrones; Rowdy Jesus Clothing Co. has already built a rapidly growing organic following on Instagram with 9,000+ followers. Their posts are consistently in the top posts section for hashtags within the Christian niche and now crossing into the secular fashion genre.  And all of this is happening very quickly as they launched their social media accounts as recently as July 2017.

Rowdy Jesus Clothing Co. is a Christian Clothing Line which has two aims:  1) To re-introduce Jesus & The Bible to current Christians & non-Christians alike in a way which portrays all things Jesus/Bible as cool, hip, edgy, & influential.  2) To disrupt the traditional Christian clothing market by delivering edgy, shocking, humorous, and controversial Christian clothing.  

With his wife Rachael, fellow co-owner, they felt compelled to launch their new venture while they were on their 13th Wedding Anniversary in Carlsbad, CA.   They were walking in an outdoor premium outlet mall when Justin noticed one or two mainstream Christian shirts.  Both of which were very nice & positive shirts, but Justin didn’t feel like his image, style, & personality didn’t match the traditional Christian apparel.  Here in Tucson, the couple is now running the business & preparing for their big e-commerce Grand Opening which is set for July 26th, 2017